getting around

quinn leads off to writing about myself and my experiences.
inside is my ongoing saga of extensive medical treatment and how i've learned to live with several annoying diseases.
outthere is my favorite kind of writing, my travel journals. they range from far places close to home to other planets like la.
weblackey is my term for myself when i'm thinking about the net, or ui, or computersingeneral. so you see it's not so accurate but i like it anyway.
archive leads off to the directory i keep my writing in so you can plow through yourself.
dadshow chronicles all the ways in which i'm dealing with my dad's life and death, which are somewhat strange.
comedy covers both writing and performance.
polyamory is my brand of consensual non-monogamous relationships.
you are what i have instead of a generic links page. people are generally more interesting than portals anyhow.
subscribe lands my new material in your inbox.
{:q:} glyphy-looking q's generally take you back to my top page.