Robin Skyler Tell

still has some stuff at this address.

I recently pointed people here for the first time in ages, and I'm just realizing how lamentably out-of-date it really is. As a quick fix--knowing that my "quick fixes" usually stay live for years--I'm just throwing this up front, with links to the only pages that had a fair ratio of decent content to lame content back before I lapsed utterly in updating it all. Maybe I'll manage to make a slightly smoother page out of it soon.

Some stuff I wrote, mostly quite a while ago, and

some other stuff I wrote which out of laziness I will keep separate for the time being; kind of random essays rather than either fiction or formal academic writing.

If you're writing a paper about my life history or something, here's the old index page with links to dumber, older things. Once upon a time there was a pretty good blog up on the main page, defunct now for a variety of reasons--even its archive is toast at the moment, unless one wants to pick through the rubble with the Wayback Machine. I miss it; someday I'll try to get myself another one, and I know Quinn and I would both like to see some kind of functional record of the past work restored. For the time being, I never manage to put much online at all any more, so this smattering of things from the past is it, I'm afraid.

Ping me if you want me for anything.