Me, Myself and My Favorite Subject

So why is it the last thing on this site I'm getting around to? Mostly because I don't know how I'm supposed to go about it. (And also because I wanted to wait until I had more than one subject written up, for fear of seeming like a person with only one characteristic.)

Here goes. My name is Robin Skyler, though it's not exactly the name I was born with. I'm twenty-nine and living a shocking lifestyle in New York City. I'm not from here; I grew up mostly in Trenton, New Jersey, after a few childhood years in Pittsburgh. Before winding up here I went to school for about seven years in Bloomington, Indiana. My professional life is in an eddy at best, right now; maybe I'll write something about that in a while.

Other than that, what? I write--but if you've been at this site for thirty seconds or more, you know that already. I also do some songwriting, or anyway I have been known to; I'm a lifelong musical dilettante. I love games, though I'm not very good at them for the most part. I'm skilled at talking trash though. I'm a teetotaler. I also spent most of my life eating virtually no vegetables--which I been have slowly and laboriously trying to rectify for the last few years. With some success. I'm socially inept--but despite this, and despite my presence on the Web, it is not safe to assume I'm a geek. Even though I recently managed to more or less pass myself off as one for two years. I read when I can but it's never been as much as I've wanted. When I do read I do so slowly. I also write slowly. I work fast and am tremendously useful to have around on moving day. I'm reasonably happy with myself as am.

Eventually I figure to put up some sort of a chronology, bios of my friends, any interesting stories I can think of from my own life... but I'm really not sure what else. Give me some suggestions...

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