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Here we go--a first, tiny baby step into css land. Not this page, but most of the others. Added margins to all these long-text pages, which I (and others) judged to be the single most badly needed band-aid for the site. And now I'm just a little more committed to improving things further.

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Notes on the wider world. A varying hybrid of weblogging and analysis with some personal narrative mixed in. Selected writings attributable to me. Some notes on my own history, circumstances and ways. More "commentary" without the gravity of subject.
Latest update: a quick look back. Posted 9/11/2002. Latest update: An examination of the "Broken Windows" theory. More academic stuff. Posted 4/6/2004. Latest update: my quasi-resolutions for the coming year. Posted 1/15/2006. Latest update: a quick overview of GMO crops. Posted 9/15/2003.

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