A threadbare index for now; forgive me.

For something like two years I've been serving up the bulk of my content as an unadorned list of largely meaningless titles. Let me see if I can do a little better that that.


Dragon: The kind of power that can be bought and the kind that can't.
P.O.V.: Originally a classroom exercise in college.
Run Rabbit: What Richard Dawkins calls the life/dinner principle.
Morning: What it might be like to be contented with having the same day every day. Should've written it about a koala.
Clarence: A true story. As far as I know.
Redress: Pretty darned gloomy.
Allegiance: Sort of a sequel to "Redress." A love letter.
Body: Things you find yourself thinking when you ride public transit in Trenton, New Jersey.
The Wren Descending: A seasonal piece. Originally written all at once for the weblog; here, cleaned up a little.

Short Stories

Remembrance: My personal favorite.
Everything He'd Planned: The only decent chapter of a novel I'll never finish; victim of an untenable premise.
You Get the Girl: The first of what I hope will be a long line of Hob Dobson stories.
Christine, Dreaming: Hard questions your heart asks when you're fast asleep.
Thunderlily: Really more like a novella.


The Cup in My Hand, the Sword I Am Sending: The book of Jeremiah is a head-cracker, and this will probably be my only attempt to wrestle with it seriously. But it was a fascinating project.
The Syntax of Links: Crosslisted here because I do feel it qualifies as academic writing even though I did it on my own and not for any particularly academic publication.
Humanity Going to HAL: My first genuinely good paper, written in my first semester at college, over a decade ago now. I'm posting it warts and all--you can tell how young I was, but still I had my mitts on some good ideas, and I still use those ideas routinely.
Enjoy We Not Full Scope in What Is Seen?: A quick consideration of Edward Young's Night Thoughts in terms of the Sublime. More or less.
Fixing "Broken Windows": An overview of the most popular policing philosophy of the last twenty years.


Fire: Late one night in a college town. True story.
Story: An article I wrote some years ago for Dragon Magazine before I found out it had folded.
Will Argue for Food: My only play. Odd to post it now, when I've recently come to grips with its needing a catastrophic rewrite...
Prime Evil: the true story of the first time I ever knowingly did something wrong.

That's it for now, but more is soon to come. If it doesn't come quick enough, bug me.