Then I saw the Lord of mankind hasten with stout heart, for he would climb upon me. I dared not bow or break against God's word when I saw earth's surface tremble. I might have felled all foes, but I stood fast. Then the young Hero stripped himself--that was God Almighty--strong and stouthearted. He climbed on the high gallows, bold in the sight of many, when he would free mankind. I trembled when the Warrior embraced me, yet I dared not bow to earth, fall to the ground's surface; but I must stand fast. I was raised up, a cross; I lifted up the Mighty King, Lord of the Heavens: I dared not bend.

The Dream of the Rood

The Neighbors.The Tide.All Good People.Speaking the Law.The Other Cheek.Standing and Waiting.Faith.Trial by Combat.Death.The Opportunity.Confessions.Not God.Suffering Enough.Acts of God.Witness.Killing the Messenger.Audience.Not God.The Secret.Indifference

Written Word